What you could discover in UK: Did you know that the UK has 25 World Heritage sites by UNESCO? You can see sites of natural beauty as Dorset and East Devon Coast but you can also enjoy the country for its culture as the Tower of London and Stonehenge. Museums, monuments, cities, bars, activities and more. A guide to everything you need to know about what to do, advices, special rates, booking all the excursions, restaurants and entertainment venues. Love Outdoors helps you to discover UK as you have never imagined. Here are some examples of our favourite places:

Tower of London: The story of the Tower of London is as exciting as antique. Built in the eleventh century, was occupied by the Romans and is one of the first fortresses that were built in Europe. It was the royal palace, prison and place where executions were held, arsenal, mint, stable and jewelery and objects. All these stages and every moment of history are preserved. When you visit the Tower of London you will see the most valuable and cherished treasure of Britain: the Crown Jewels You also see the place where three queens were executed and legends, ghosts and stories that almost ten centuries of history have left here.

Stonehenge: Stonehenge stands on a mound in the vast plateau of the Wiltshire countryside near Salisbury. In Love Outdoors, we will go by road, so you will see how the monoliths appear suddenly in the distance. It is impossible not to feel admiration and some fear in his presence. Surely you impressed by the size of the stones.

Beaches: You also find a number of great beaches, but the beaches are for the more daring, because the temperature of the waters of the beaches of Britain, are quite low. A good time to enjoy the beaches of Great Britain is specifically in the month of September. Beaches like Kent or Dorset, are the most recommended for take a walk and admire the beautiful natural scene.

Natural Parks: The parks have trails and paths to enjoy walking or cycling and special routes for horse lovers. We also have plans for adventure sports. Add to that 15 routes and 50 protected areas of outstanding natural beauty and you will see that in UK we like nature in style.

These are some examples but UK have much more for you. Come to discover it with us

Who we are: We are a company that offers a wide variety of activities to do in UK. We have a group of specialists working to provide our travelers the best tours always thinking about their needs. We not only booked the activities but also we organize guided tours and other activities in the place you want to visit. It includes touristic points, best restaurants, cultural activities, and other advices.

Why us: We are now faced with a wide range of services and prices, but Love Outdoors acts efficiently, getting the most convenient prices, the best routes and activities, always thinking of you, besides offering the best service and advice. Let Love Outdoors the opportunity of organize your ideal trip.




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We live in London and we wanted to visit something different outside the city. Thanks to Love Outdoors we discover some amazing sites around that we will never expected

By Megan James

I am a teacher and I wanted to go with my class to Stonehenge. Thanks to Love Outdoors we have and incredible experiencie with the kids and we will repeat soon

By Jessica Foster

My wife and I love adventure sports and we looked for some guide to do any activity. Love Outdoors offered us an amazing plan to visit Exmoor and enjoy its natural beauty. We did a trail by walk and another by horse. It was awesome!

By Lou Gibson

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